Thursday, July 27, 2017

My News

Hello everyone!  A very warm welcome to you all, and I hope you are all doing well!  If any of you would like to send me a message that only I will read, please use the contact form on the right hand column of my blog.

I got news last night that I will need to vacate the place where I am currently living, and that the property owners plan to sell it.  This means that I will need to find a new apartment as soon as possible. The thing is that my funds are very low, so the apartment will have to be less than $400 in order to cover my living expenses.  If any of you live in the Montreal or Laval area or know anyone who does, please keep your eyes out for me.  I would greatly appreciate it.

I am on a waiting list for what is called social housing, which is housing for people with a low income.  I have been on this list for almost 6 years, so you can imagine how big the list is.

I have a cat and am hoping that wherever I move, they will accept one cat.  He is very sweet and four years old.  If not I will have to also find a home for him.  :(

I have to say that I am a positive person and even though I struggle with depression, and this has been somewhat of a shock, as it was unexpected, thus far I am remaining positive.  I would really appreciate your prayers, thoughts, ideas or advice.  As I mentioned above, you can send me a personal message if you wish, that only I will see, via the contact form on the right hand column of my blog.

In the meantime, thank you so much for listening. Love and hugs to you all.  :)